Welcome to the Arushiom Foundation

There may be many reasons that brought you here, but if you want to understand the impact of the subconscious on your life; or if you feel emotional blockages and would like to know how to release them; or if you are just tired of the recurring issues in your life and want to change it for yourself and prevent it from affecting your children’s lives too…then continue to explore and learn about what Arushiom and Master Richard can do for you.

Join our physical or virtual online emotional release sessions where Master Richard helps you on levels you may never have had access to before.

Live emotional session with Master Richard in Cape Town, South Africa

If Mental wellness is now an important topic and you want to help your staff or your employees, have you thought about working with the subconscious mind? Learn more about its benefits…

In partnership with doctors, this is a blood sample for a cancer patient taken before and after an emotional release session.

Blood sample taken before an emotional release treatment and after.

Master Richard helping a rescued horse.

Find more about animal sentience and its relationship with emotions and behaviours