Benefits of working with the Arushiom Foundation for Personal Growth in Business


In today’s business world, personal growth has become a key element in the success of employees and businesses. Investing in personal development brings tangible benefits, improving both individual well-being and overall business performance.

Why choose the Arushiom Foundation?

The Arushiom Foundation stands out for its unique approach and its many advantages:

  • Working with the subconscious mind: We target the roots of emotions for lasting results, by acting on the subconscious part that manages 95% of a person’s life.
  • Groups of any size: Our methods can be adapted to groups of any size, guaranteeing maximum flexibility.
  • Customization: We adapt the topics to the specific needs of each business.
  • Flexibility: Sessions and training can be delivered face-to-face or online.
  • Confidentiality: The emotional situations worked on by each person remain confidential and no one needs to express what they have experienced.
  • Free: All our sessions and training are offered free of charge.
Business training and emotional release session with Master Richard and Louis Brassard

Benefits for Employees

  • Stress Management: Releasing blocked emotions at a subconscious level enables staff to better manage stress and maintain a good work-life balance.
  • Increased self-confidence: Developing new skills and overcoming personal challenges boosts self-esteem, leading to greater confidence in professional abilities.
  • Improved skills: Training based on working with the subconscious mind helps employees and managers to react calmly and thoughtfully to problems rather than impulsively, encouraging a solution-oriented approach.
  • Personal growth: Investing in your own growth helps you find a balance between your professional and personal aspirations, leading to a more harmonious and satisfying life.
  • Adaptability: Working at the level of subconscious emotions makes staff more flexible and able to adapt to changes and new professional requirements.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Positive corporate culture: Promoting personal development helps to create a positive corporate culture, focused on continuous learning and employee well-being.
  • Commitment and retention: Businesses that invest in the personal development of their employees generally see increased engagement and reduced turnover, as employees feel valued and motivated.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Encouraging personal growth stimulates creativity, enabling employees to come up with innovative ideas and solve problems more effectively.
  • Increased productivity: Employees who feel good and are confident in their abilities are often more productive, improving business results.
  • Reduced costs: Less staff turnover and absenteeism means savings on recruitment and training costs, while improving overall business efficiency.


Investing in your employees’ personal development is a win-win choice. Not only does it improve their well-being and satisfaction, but it also translates into better performance and a stronger corporate culture. At the end of the day, working on yourself is not only good for the individual, but also for the business as a whole.

Moreover, individuals who would like to pursue their journey in personal growth also have access to tools offered by the Arushiom Foundation such as Emotional Release Sessions and Retreats.

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