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Rape, domestic violence, addictions, hijacking, assault and burglary are global issues. Depending on the country you are in, some services are available, but in most countries, people are left behind with their psychological and emotional suffering and this affects millions of people. Some manage to survive, others need medicine, but for less fortunate people, alcohol and street drugs are often the cure, causing the eternal cycle of repeating patterns. The is also another remedy that nobody speaks about but which is often use, and it’s suicide. Unfortunately, there is nothing else that can be done for the departed, but the survivors’ guilt and shame remain like bleeding wounds.

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In recent years, there have also been several cases of denunciation, including the international MeToo movement. This movement lifted the veil on many aggressors, which allowed many people to free themselves from a burden they carried in silence, often out of shame or fear of reprisals. These movements have done a great job and continue to do so every day. Some people have been charged, some have ended up in jail, but that doesn’t address the emotional pain of victims and survivors. There is certainly a form of satisfaction, but the root of the problem remains unresolved.


The only way to find peace once and for all from these emotional wounds is to do forgiveness at the subconscious level, release the emotion and rebalance the blocked energies. This is exactly what Master Richard of the Arushiom Foundation does.


Our approach works because it gets to the root of the problem. Virtually all NGOs, NPOs, therapies or support centres work with the conscious part of the human being. However, the conscious only manages 5% of a person’s life, while the subconscious mind manages 95% (see video below for more details). Thanks to his gifts, Master Richard directly accesses people’s subconscious mind and resets it, putting an end to post-traumatic reactions. Because this is the only way to solve the problem once and for all, there is nothing faster and so efficient. (See testimonials).


It is for these reasons that the Arushiom Foundation wants to open an international centre to help victims and survivors of domestic violence, rape, addictions, and crimes near Johannesburg, in South Africa. Master Richard’s gifts allow him to help thousands of people simultaneously and the goal is to offer 95% of these services free of charge to all those who need them. The foundation even wants to reach out people who cannot afford transportation. If we want to stop violence, abuse and crimes, there’s only one way, it to help as many people as possible at the subconscious level, otherwise, it’s impossible! You are not convinced that the subconscious manages your life? Watch the video below which gives some examples including the one on watching television. You will understand that it is not the conscious mind that manages your life. (see slideshow). To change the world, each person must find peace within themselves and it is only by resetting the subconscious mind that they can achieve this.


Your donations will enable the construction and operation of the centre. In addition, they will allow all people in need to have access to these services, free of charge. In addition, over the next few years, Master Richard will travel to several other countries in Africa and around the world to offer his services to those who request them. If you would like to be part of this list, do not hesitate to leave your contact details by completing the form below.

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