Master Richard helps patients with serious disease to reset their subconscious mind at the root of the emotions that made them sick. This significantly helps them through their healing journey.

The Arushiom Foundation is proud to work in partnership with medical professionals to help patients work on their emotions as part of their healing process. When Master Richard works with patients, he helps them identify their patterns, which leads to the emotional blockages which needs to be reset. In fact, he helps patients reset at the root, in the subconscious mind, where everything is stored.

Master Richard works with doctors to demonstrate the benefits of working at the subconscious level.

Although sometimes being challenged, several medical professionals know that emotional situations lead to cancer and other diseases. Moreover, by working on the emotional blockages during a treatment, it helps the treatments works better because patients are released of their emotional blockages, they feel at peace within and that empowers themselves on their healing journey.

Master Richard’s work with patient on resetting their subconscious is a privilege that few can offer. Contact the foundation for more information.


To demonstrate the power of emotions on the human body, see below a blood sample taken from a stage 4 cancer patient before and after an emotional session with Master Richard. And the results speak for themselves. From cells being stressed and all tangled together, you get cells that are relaxed and free flowing.

Also, by working on emotions during a treatment, it significantly increase the chances of remission. Once the emotional blockages are released and resetted, patients are more at peace and this helps them recover their health.

Blood from a stage 4 cancer patient before and after an emotional treatment with Master Richard. Reset at the root.
Blood sample taken from a cancer patient before and after an emotional and energetic treatment with Master Richard