Welcome to Arushiom’s activity registration page in Rwanda.

In collaboration with the Albert Healing Organization (AHO), which helps the most vulnerable people, the Arushiom foundation is proud to organize emotional release sessions.

The aim of these sessions is to enable people to release the emotional burdens they carry within them. These burdens can have different origins, such as trauma (PTSD), patterns, fears, addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.), the loss of a loved one or any other event that has left emotional consequences.

The approach used by the Arushiom Foundation is unique in that it addresses the subconscious mind, which controls 95% of a person’s life. The foundation offers free services all over the world, and Rwanda is no exception.

If you are among those who would like to be informed about an emotional release workshop in Rwanda, please leave your contact details below and we will contact you as soon as we have the dates. We look forward to accompanying you on your personal journey to find inner peace and free yourself once and for all from the burdens that affect your life.

If you do not have an email address, you can send your contact or request information by WhatsApp at +1-418-933-0296. If you do not have WhatsApp, you can contact Albert Nsengamana who is the author of the book ”My mother killed me (Ma mère m’a tué) ” at +250 781 537 419 or by mail at nsengimanalbert@gmail.com

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