Welcome to the Arushiom Foundation

The mission of the Arushiom Foundation is to enable people to free themselves from their patterns, traumas, bad habits or fears in order to find inner peace. The foundation also offers services if you have problems with anxiety, stress, anger, depression and more. You may also simply be tired of recurring problems or behaviours that are affecting your life and the lives of those around you. Our unique, free approach has helped thousands of people free themselves from emotional blockages. Discover the power of resetting the subconscious mind by subscribing and enjoy the benefits.

We also offer specialised services for victims of rape, assault, burglary, domestic violence, addiction and other serious traumas.

For organisations, associations, businesses, education services or health professionals, we offer free complementary services to help your members, employees or patients, always using the subconscious mind approach. Contact us for more information.

What you need to know about the subconscious mind
What are the benefits of working with the subconscious mind?

Join our monthly online emotional release sessions where Master Richard helps you reset emotional blockages at the subconscious level.

Live emotional session with Master Richard in Cape Town, South Africa

In partnership with doctors, these are blood samples from a stage 4 cancer patient taken before and after an emotional release session.

Blood sample from a stage 4 cancer patient before and after an emotional release session.