Official Biography of Master Richard

Master Richard is a Canadian-born personal development and spiritual teacher. Since 2020, he has been travelling the world to give conferences and workshops where he explains why we are imprisoned by our repetitive patterns, fears, traumas and addictions, and proposes ways of freeing ourselves from them.

Master Richard

Life had other plans for him

Richard Aubin had no idea what the future held in store for him. After spending part of his life feeling frustrated, angry and judging those who were unfaithful, he ended up committing adultery himself. A few years later, after 15 years together, he separated from his wife. This period of his life plunged him into a great emptiness and made him question his own values. It was then that he realized the importance of the role of the other in our lives. Through personal introspection, he realized that his wife was merely a mirror that enabled him to work on himself and change his behaviour. After a year apart, they reunited and embarked on a spiritual journey that changed the course of their lives.


Professionally, Richard began his career as a lift mechanic. However, after a few years, he realized that he could detect energy blockages associated with physical problems by using his hands. He went on to study naturopathy, massage therapy, hypnosis, as well as Chinese, Vietnamese and Ayurvedic medicine. He also studied to become a yoga teacher. During this period, he left his job as a mechanic to open a practice in Montreal. Without advertising, he quickly built up a reputation and an international clientele.

During this period, he undertook an huge amount of work on himself. He began to practice regular meditation and purification, travelled to many places in search of answers and also developed the ability to work with the subconscious mind. He understood that the source of all emotional and physical problems lay in the subconscious mind and that by resetting it, we could get rid of our problems for good.

A new life

After a few years, he felt the call to give up everything and devote his life to helping people around the world. He closed his practice and now works as a volunteer. During a volunteer mission in Morocco, he met Louis Brassard, a Canadian engineer whom he helped emotionally to overcome a problem that had persisted for years. The impact of his help was so significant that they met again in December 2020, and Louis decided to follow his teachings and join him in his mission. In 2021, the Arushiom Foundation came to life.

Along the way, Richard also came to understand the importance of freeing himself from negative emotions in order to transform his life. He began by working on himself in every little situation, addressing his behaviour, his diet, his thoughts and, of course, his emotions. He became a master of himself, striving to put into practice all the teachings he gave in order to set an example. His vibratory change was so profound that those around him began to call him ‘Master’. During a meditation, he received confirmation of this title, “Master Richard”, which resonated more with his new vibratory frequency.

Universal Spiritual Principles

The teachings given by Master Richard are based on universal spiritual principles and should in no way be confused with or affiliated to any religion. He does not promote any specific religious belief system, although all religions are respected. The aim of its teachings and workshops is to enable people to release the emotional blocks that are affecting their lives and well-being. By working with the subconscious mind, love and forgiveness, each individual can find inner peace by addressing the source of their emotional problems, thus becoming a better person, parent or partner. Everyone who works to raise their personal vibration is helping to create a better world.