Master Richard was born in Montreal, Canada where he grew up and spent most of his life. 

The eldest of 4 children, his childhood was seemingly ordinary with him facing the normal demands and challenges in that age bracket.  

Master Richard, Spiritual Master, Arushiom Foundation

In his teenage years he was very shy, timid and small built, which led him to be teased a lot. Seeking acceptance, love and approval from those around him, Master Richard decided to do intense sport to prove his worth.

Master Richard started boxing and reached success very quickly. He had an opportunity to pursue a career in boxing however life had different plans for him.

He met an amazing woman in his twenties and they had two beautiful sons. The marriage also came with its challenges and disappointments, and after 15 years together Master Richard and his wife parted ways without consideration of reuniting.

It was during this time that he learnt a lot about himself and got to understand the role relationships play in our life journey. Through his inner work, his own self-reflection, he understood that his wife was just a mirror for him to work on himself and change behavioral patterns. They reunited after a year and thereafter embarked on a spiritual journey together, that changed the course of their lives.

Professionally, Master Richard first worked as an elevator mechanic for many years before realising he had a gift for feeling energy blockages with his hands and relieving people of their physical and emotional pain.

So he then went on to study various things like Naturopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Yoga teacher training and Hypnosis to name a few and thereafter started his practice in Montreal, Canada. Without advertising his business, it didn’t take long for his popularity to increase and very quickly his clientele spread internationally.  

After some time, he received a calling to quit everything and dedicate his life to God. He gave up his practice and now works helping people on a voluntary basis.  

He volunteered in Morocco for a while and thereafter ended up in South Africa in December 2020 where he started helping people with the assistance of one of his spiritual students from Canada who was working there. It was in South Africa that he founded the Arushiom Foundation in 2021.

Master Richard’s exposure to spirituality began when he was young and he travelled to many parts of the world seeking the Truth, spending time fasting and honing his spiritual energy and gifts. 

He is currently devoted full time to the spiritual journey and carrying out the mission of the foundation. Having gone through the path of inner transformation himself, he invites people to begin their journey and find their own spiritual path to strengthen and improve themselves.  

Master Richard explains that by doing this inner work continuously, you raise your vibrations and bring light to yourself and to others. As we are all connected with each other, becoming better version of ourselves and finding this divine seed deposited within us, will impact all those around us and contribute to a new life, filled with peace, love and light.