“There is no greater work than to work on yourself!”

Master Richard

Why does Master Richard says that there is no greater work than to work on yourself? Because it is the most difficult thing to do. The Arushiom Foundation was created to support Master Richard’s mission to raise the consciousness of all human beings. Arushiom means the first rays of the sun and the trinity.

Our objectives

The main objectives of the foundations are, but not limited to:

  1. Initiate through personal development universal understanding of Ubuntu Botho and Human Values principles and philosophy;
  2. Promote mental and emotional wellness through proven techniques directly linked to the subconscious;
  3. Educate individuals towards positive self-development in order to understand/overcome negative life patterns:
  4. Promote animal wellbeing through the understanding and teaching of animal sentience;
  5. Develop and publish values-based and ethical media for widespread dissemination;
  6. Develop programmes and conduct wellness outreach in partnership with government, correctional services, businesses, NPO’s, NGO’s and community groups pro bono. 

All of Master Richard’s work is done at subconscious level, because it manages 95% of people’s lives.

Through his teachings on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level, he helps us to understand the meaning of life, the reasons why we suffer (in all its forms) and how, through working with the subconscious mind, we can free ourselves from this suffering.

This iceberg shows how much the subconscious mind manages someone's life and that all our emotions are not accessible and memorized.

Our mission

The mission of the Arushiom Foundation is to allow human beings to free themselves of their patterns, of their traumas, of their bad habits, of their addictions and of their fears, in order to find inner peace and become better humans, better parents, better partners, better citizens of the world.

By resetting the subconscious mind, by understand life, with love and forgiveness at the subconscious level, people are empowered to change and become better version of themselves.

As we are all children of God, some of the repetitive difficult experiences in our lives may just be a reminder that we are not yet on our true life path. Master Richard’s teachings help us understand, reset, and begin this life to which our souls have been seeking for all those years.


Please note that, although Arushiom’s approach is grounded in universal spiritual principles, it is in no way intended to be confused with or affiliated with any religion and does not promote a specific religious belief system, although all are respected. Master Richard/Arushiom’s focus is purely on helping people to release traumas and unconscious blocks which inhibit their full authentic selves from showing up and providing insights and tools for promoting health and wellness. Any mention of God is intended in a universal way, as relating to a higher power.