Welcome to the Arushiom Foundation and Master Richard’s Emotional Release Session/retreat [EMR].

Please read the following disclaimer and informed consent. Only when you are satisfied with the information supplied herein and agree to participate of your own volition may you then click that you accept the Informed Consent, Disclaimer and terms and conditions of your participation in this event. 

Some background on Master Richard and what to expect during an Emotional Release Session:

Master Richard is a naturopath, yoga teacher and ayurvedic medicine practitioner from French Canada. He has come to South Africa with the Arushiom foundation to assist people in [1] Learning about the causes of disease and their release from an emotional and mental level perspective, [2] Diet for better health and energy, [3] The importance of daily physical stretching exercises for energetic body alignment, [4] How to meditate in order maintain inner peace and calm, and most importantly  [5] How to shift negative and repetitive subconscious patterns to allow for greater emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical work alignment with the individual’s higher purpose. 

Please note that the onus and responsibility to continue this work remains upon you during and after the Emotional Release Session. Master Richard is not removing this work or magically ‘short-cutting’ the work required by the individual. You will have to continue the work after the session and incorporate the lessons into your daily life.  Naturally the more sessions you attend the faster you will work through challenging emotions that may be preventing you from living your life to its fullest potential.

It must be understood that Master Richard makes no claim whatsoever to heal any ailments, emotional or physical diseases. He works predominantly with the individual’s subconscious mind using powerful techniques similar but more efficacious to hypnotherapy or EFT tapping bodywork.

In this way, Master Richard has assisted thousands of individuals with phobias and other subconscious fears to regain a sense of peace and purpose. These include but are not limited to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD], psychological and physical abuse, depression, anxiety, recurrent and repeating negative patterns and most recently, individuals diagnosed with mental stress and anxiety due to post covid syndrome. He assists individuals in reconciling negative issues with family, friends and society from a subconscious perspective to remove the shackles and obstacles that are holding the individual back and preventing them from living the best version of their life.

Emotional Release Sessions are powerful and life-transforming on all levels. They should be attended to at every available opportunity. t must be understood that everyone reacts differently in these sorts of sessions; all reactions are normal and valid. 

Emotional Release Retreats are even more powerful and it is highly recommended that if you feel ready for such a positively life-changing event you book your seat at our upcoming events which are highlighted on our website

If you feel you have not resolved an issue during an Emotional Release Session, you should continue to work on it in subsequent sessions. If however, you feel that issue is beyond your ability to release through the ERS please email us at  and, time permitting we will assist you directly. 

The Emotional Release Sessions are free of charge but should you wish to make a donation which will be used to further the work of the Arushiom Foundation it will be greatly appreciated. Our banking details can be found on our website

The Emotional Release retreats are not free of charge but should you wish to make a donation which will be used to further the work of the Arushiom Foundation it will be greatly appreciated. Our banking details can be found on our website

We wish you Life, Health and Peace.

By clicking “accept terms conditions and disclaimer”, I hereby acknowledge and understand that: 

  1. My participation in the Emotional Release Session/retreat is entirely voluntary and of my own volition;
  2. I understand that Master Richard and the Arushiom Foundation do not provide professional medical or psychological care;
  3. Master Richard and the Arushiom Foundation do not assume liability or responsibility for any emotional trauma that may result from your participation in this process.
  4. These sessions are recorded and may be used by the Arushiom Foundation for promotional and educational purposes. (emotional release session only)